Auction Details
Public Auction is an open, fair, unbiased and effective way for sale.

Centaline Commercial Auction Department was established in 2017 with an aim to offer a platform for auction services for various types of real estate participants. Centaline Commercial Auction Department deals with auctions of non-residential properties. We handle auctions appointed by owners, mortgagees, courts, banks, trustees etc. Public auctions will be held periodically in the Centaline Club in Causeway Bay.

The services and charges provided by Centaline Commercial Auction Department are as follows:
Acceptance of Auction Appointment We will prepare a bunch of options for clients to decide on the date of auction. Clients should provide us with a list of properties 3 weeks before the date of auction so that we could advise on the market conditions and the determination of the auction price and the reserved price of the properties and the signing of the power of attorney. The sole agency period will be commenced from the date of the auction appointment until 1 month after the date of auction. Our professional staff will be responsible for conducting searches of the properties, drafting the agenda for the auction and submission to the vendor's solicitor for approval and arranging the promotion of the properties.
Pre-auction promotion The promotion campaign will begin about 2 weeks before the date of auction, including:
  • Newspaper advertisements in the Economic Daily, Sing Tao Daily etc;
  • Distribution of leaflets and posters; and
  • Collaboration with our professional property agency teams in Centaline Commercial for the sale of properties.
Evaluation of Market Response We will evaluate and collect all the feedback from the market and report to the clients to determine and adjust the reserved price about 3 days before the date of auction.
The Auction and its venue The auction will be held in Centaline Club in Causeway Bay. The arrangement of the auction venue will be as follows:
  • Displaying floor plans and relevant information of the properties in auction venue; and
  • On-site distribution of the list of properties and their Conditions of Sale.
Service Fee for the auction The following charges include property searches, newspaper advertisements, distribution of leaflets, posters and Conditions of Sale, rental of the auction venue and other expenses:
  • Standard Service Fee: HKD $ 5,000- per property; and
  • Commission: 1% of the transaction price if sold during the auction period or the sole agency period (Minimum HKD $ 10,000- per each property).
Continuation of service In the event that the property is not sold at the date of auction, we may continue to follow up with the clients, including:
  • Arranging for a second round of auction;
  • Liaising with bidders who have participated in the auction to stimulate the transactions; and
  • Referring the clients to our professional property agency teams in Centaline Commercial for follow-up actions;
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